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    The Ohio State University Center for Clinical and Translational Science (CCTS) is a collaboration among The Ohio State University, The Ohio State University Wexner Medical Center and Nationwide Children's Hospital dedicated to turning the scientific discoveries of today into life-changing disease prevention strategies and the health diagnostics and treatments of tomorrow. Funded by a multi-year Clinical and Translational Science Award from the National Institutes of Health, the CCTS leverages expertise from every college across the University, including scientists and clinicians from the seven Health Science Colleges, the College of Engineering, OSU Wexner Medical Center and Nationwide Children’s Hospital, community health and education agencies, business partnerships and regional institutional network partnerships. The CCTS provides financial, organizational, and educational support to biomedical researchers, as well as opportunities for community members to participate in credible and valuable research. In addition, the CCTS provides research consultation services designed to help faculty, staff and service providers manage their translational research projects. CCTS Membership The goal of the NIH CTSA program is to enhance the translation of basic science discovery to improve human health by enabling researchers to work in unprecedented ways to advance medical research. To be eligible for participation in our programs and services, one must become a CCTS Member. Not only do members have full access to our programs, but they also are the first to receive exciting news about upcoming funding cycles, new voucher programs, educational events, and more through our monthly online newsletter, The CCTS Investigator. go.osu.edu/cctsmember. This page shows resources available at the top level of CCTS. To see all resources that fall under CCTS and its sub-programs navigate to the CCTS collection: https://search.eagle-i.net/central/#inst?uri=http://eagle-i.rf.ohio-state.edu/i/00000174-9d14-5e1e-b8fb-15ae80000000
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    CCTS Center for Clinical and Translational Science (CCTS)
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    College of Medicine
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    Office of Research
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    CCTS Recruitment and Retention
  9. Secondary affiliation
    CCTS Regulatory Knowledge and Support
  10. Secondary affiliation
    CCTS Biostatistics, Epidemiology, and Research Design
  11. Secondary affiliation
    CCTS Clinical Research Center
  12. Secondary affiliation
    CCTS Education and Training Services
  13. Secondary affiliation
    CCTS Community Engagement
  14. Secondary affiliation
    CCTS Comparative Animal Core and Vet Med Clinical Trials (Veterinary Clinical Research Support SR)
  15. Secondary affiliation
    CCTS Informatics
  16. Secondary affiliation
    CCTS Workforce Development and Clinical Research Professional Education
  17. Secondary affiliation
    CCTS Integrating Special Populations
  18. Secondary affiliation
    CCTS Participant Clinical Interactions
  19. Secondary affiliation
    CCTS Pilot Funding
  20. Secondary affiliation
    CCTS Comparative and Translational Medicine
  21. Secondary affiliation
    CCTS Research Concierge Services
  22. Secondary affiliation
    CCTS Voucher Program
  23. Secondary affiliation
    CCTS Trial Innovation Network
  24. Secondary affiliation
    CCTS Nationwide Children's Hospital Biobehavioral Outcomes Core
  25. Secondary affiliation
    CCTS Nationwide Children's Hospital Clinical Research Services
  26. Secondary affiliation
    CCTS Nationwide Children's Hospital Biopathology Center
  27. Secondary affiliation
    CCTS Nationwide Children's Drug and Device Development Services
  28. Secondary affiliation
    CCTS Nationwide Children's Hospital Intramural funding
  29. Secondary affiliation
    CCTS Nationwide Children's Hospital Research Information Solutions and Innovation
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