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    The OSU Center for Clinical & Translational Science has been a national leader in innovative approaches and programs in workforce development for the entire research team. Central to our workforce development efforts are training in mentoring, team science, innovation, and role-based core competencies. We offer a comprehensive series of programs and approaches to meet the lifelong career development needs for all members of the CTS workforce. Mentored Career Development Grants KL2 Mentored Faculty Career Development Grant The award is designed to benefit a wide spectrum of clinical or translational researchers across OSU. The award provides salary support to ensure protected time for mentored research and didactic training in clinical/translational research across a wide variety of project topics and academic areas. The overall goal of the program is to equip early career investigators to advance from mentored to independent researchers funded by NIH RO1 grants or their equivalents. Davis Bremer Path K Award Mentored Career Development Grant The CCTS & OSU College of Medicine Davis Bremer Pre-K Program supports the career development of tenure and clinical track faculty in the College of Medicine who have an MD degree and who have made a commitment to conduct either patient-oriented or translational research. The Davis Bremer Pre-K Award is available for a period of two years (contingent on satisfactory progress. Applicants must be physicians credentialed by the OSU Wexner Medical Center who have Principal Investigator status. TL1 Mentored Predoctoral and Postdoctoral Career Development Grant The goal of the TL1 Mentored Clinical Research Training Program is to increase the number of well-trained clinician-scientists who can lead the design and oversight of future clinical investigations critical to address the nation's biomedical, behavioral, and clinical needs. It is part of the NIH Ruth L. Kirschstein National Research Service Award (NRSA) program. The TL1 award is available to: Predoctoral candidates and combined health- professional doctorate-master's candidates and to Postdoctoral trainees, including fellows and holders of research PhDs, seeking additional training in clinical research.
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    Stuart Hobbs
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