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Plant-Microbe Genomics Facility

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    The Facility, established in 2000, serves the entire Ohio State University as well as the researchers in the state of Ohio and beyond, by providing resources in order to study genomes from DNA sequence to protein activities. Despite our name, the Facility can study any organism's DNA, RNA or protein. The Facility provides 5 major services: 1) DNA Sequencing, 2) Genotyping, 3) Gene Promoter Characterization, 4) Real-time PCR, , and 5) Biomolecular Interaction Analysis. The procedures are designed to provide the opportunity to obtain high quality results at a reasonable cost. This is a cost recovery unit while tours and demonstrations for any group or individual are free. Please explore the website and feel free to contact us in order to learn about how we can assist you.
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    College of Arts and Sciences
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    Single-nucleotide polymorphism analysis
  5. Performs Technique
    SNP genotyping assay
  6. Performs Technique
    DNA footprinting
  7. Performs Technique
    Nucleic acid fragment analysis
  8. Performs Technique
    Terminal Restriction Fragment Length Polymorphism
  9. Performs Technique
    Melt curve analysis
  10. Performs Technique
    DNA sequencing assay
  11. Performs Technique
    Bisulfite sequencing
  12. Performs Technique
    surface plasmon resonance assay
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