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    The facility has a Biacore T100 that can measure the interaction between proteins and proteins, DNA and proteins, metabolites and proteins, as well as other biomolecules that can be anchored to a gold covered chip. The measurements are done in real-time with no labels and utilize surface plasmon resonance (SPR) technology. The T100 can measure concentration, binding specificity, and affinity constants. Due to the nature of the studies performed with the T100 the client uses the instrument in order to allow for instant analysis of the results and therefore immediate decisions about the next step or experiment to be done. In order to use the instrument, all clients are required to attend a training session provided by the Facility or the Biacore Basics course offered by GE Healthcare. The training provided by the staff is done at the Facility, takes one to three days and can accommodate up to 2 clients at a time. The client will need to provide all materials and training will utilize the client's samples. An experienced staff member will provide guidance during the initial experiment and the training has a set fee. The training will include: practical use of the instrument, experimental design, and analysis. Please contact the Facility to arrange a training session and begin using the Biacore T100. The facility has the following software to aid in the analysis of the data generated by the Biacore T100: Biacore T100 Evaluation Software.
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    Biacore T100 Bioanalyzer
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    Plant-Microbe Genomics Facility
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