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    The Facility can perform Genotyping by two methods: fragment analysis and high resolution melt analysis. The facility has a 3730 DNA Analyzer (Applied Biosystems, Inc.) that can analyze DNA fragments labeled with a fluorescent dye to determine the size of the fragment with a resolution of one base. With 48 capillaries the instrument can analyze up to 48 samples simultaneously as well as accommodate 96-, or 384-well plates. The 3730 DNA Analyzer has the ability to multiplex within one capillary by the use of 5 different fluorescent dyes, and/or differing fragment size. The facility can perform such techniques as allelic determination, amplified length polymorphism analysis (AFLP), microsatellite analysis (STR and SSR), and single nucleotide polymorphism analysis (SNapshot). The BioRad CFX96 real-time system can be used a specialized fluorometric based plate reader that can detect most dyes for applications such as high resolution melt analysis, single nucleotide polymorphism detection and measuring protein melting.
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    Amplified Fragment Length Polymorphism (AFLP)
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    High Resolution Melt Analysis (HRMA)
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    Human DNA Fingerprinting (Human ID)
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    Microsatellite analysis (MS)
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    Single Nucleotide Polymorphism analysis (SNaP Shot)
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    AppliedBiosystems 3730 DNA Analyzer
  11. Related Resource
    BioRad CFX96 real-time System
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    Available to Everyone
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    Plant-Microbe Genomics Facility
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