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Real-time PCR

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    The facility has a CFX96 Real-Time Detection System (BioRad) which can accurately quantitate PCR products in real time. The CFX96 system is very sensitive and can simultaneously measure up to 6 different PCR products in each of 96-wells. This system is adept at precisely measuring the concentration of specific RNAs, measuring gene copy number as well as perfoming other applicatons that require the measurement of specific DNA molecules. The CFX96 system can analyze all of the current detection chemistries, such as SYBR Green, Taqman, etc. In addition, the instrument can be used a specialized fluorometric based plate reader that can detect most dyes for applications such as high resolution melt analysis, single nucleotide polymorphism detection and measuring protein melting. The service includes the use of the CFX96 system and a file with the results. In addition the Facility can provide a copy of the CFX96 software at no cost to you. The Facility will provide the 96-well plate and optical film which is included in the per run cost. The customer will be responsible for providing all other consumables (e.g. primers, polymerase, nucleotides, etc.) and setting up the reactions in the plate.
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    High Resolution Melt Analysis (Allele discrimination)
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    Protein Melt Assay
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    Taqman Assay
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    quantitative PCR
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    BioRad CFX96 real-time System
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    Available to Everyone
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    Plant-Microbe Genomics Facility
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