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Promoter Characterization

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    Two traditional methods, DNA protection assay (DNA Footprint) and primer extension, that are used to determine promoter binding sites and transcription start sites respectively can be done at the Facility. Instead of using radioactivity and a porlyacrylamide gel the DNA is labeled with a fluorescent dye and the resulting fragments from the methods above can be analyzed with the automated capillary electrophoresis instrument at the Facility, i.e. a 3730 DNA Analyzer. In addition, non-radioactive gel shift assays are also commonly performed along with DNA Footprinting which the Facility also provides as a service.
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    DNA Foot Print Analysis (DFACE)
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    Electropherotic Mobility Shift Assay (EMSA)
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    mRNA Start Site Analysis (MSACE)
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    AppliedBiosystems 3730 DNA Analyzer
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    BioRad VersaDoc 4000MP Imaging System
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    Available to Everyone
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    Plant-Microbe Genomics Facility
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