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    The Bionutrition Laboratory provides the following services for investigators: • Body composition assessment: (Anthropometrics (height, weight, skinfolds and circumferences),Bioelectrical impedance analysis (BIA), BodPod (air displacement plethysmography), iDXA - bone density and/or body comp, including whole body; and compartment only (hip, spine, wrist)) • Education and counseling – diet and body composition • Exercise testing – VO2 max or submax testing, flexibility and strength • Physical activity assessments – questionnaires, pedometers and accelerometers • Indirect calorimetry – resting energy expenditure and substrate oxidation • Research meals – regular, specialized or controlled nutrient • Dietary assessment – 24 hour recalls, records, and food frequency questionnaire (paper or electronic) • Methods design/development
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    CCTS Clinical Research Center
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