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Pharmacy Research Facilities

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    The College of Pharmacy provides a variety of equipment and services supporting all research groups. We have in-house instrumentation, computing, electronics and facilities specialists, as well as a wide spectrum of resources deployed throughout the college. Complementing the research equipment in individual investigators’ laboratories and division resources, the college maintains shared resources available to all our research personnel, such as: Hitachi U-2910 UV/Vis double-beam spectrophotometer. PerkinElmer Lambda 10 UV/Vis single beam spectrophotometer with Peltier temperature controller. PerkinElmer LS50B and LS55 double-monochromator luminescence spectrometers equipped for fluorescence and fluorescence-polarization measurements; the LS55 is also equipped with a plate reader and fast filter switching. PerkinElmer 343 polarimeter (sodium lamp). Jasco J-810 spectropolarimeter equipped for CD, ORD and LD detection. Thermo-Nicolet 6700 Fourier-transform infrared spectrophotometer. Beckman-Coulter Optima L-90K (2) and L7-65 ultracentrifuges and Avanti J-E and J-25 high speed preparatory centrifuges. Beckman LS6000IC and LS6500 liquid scintillation counters. PE Packard Tri-Carb liquid scintillation counter. PE Wallac Wizard 1470 dual detector gamma counter. Bruker DRX400 NMR spectrometer with 3 rf channels, lock switch, 3-axis gradient controller, waveform memory, VT controller; 5mm broadband (TBO) z-gradient and inverse (TXI – HCN) triple-gradient probes. Bruker DPX250 NMR spectrometer with 2 rf channels, single axis gradient controller, waveform memory, VT controller; 5mm QNP (HCPF) z-gradient probe. Bruker AV300 NMR spectrometer with 2 rf channels, programmable lock channel, single axis gradient controller, waveform memory, VT controller; 5mm autotune broadband (BBO) probe with z-gradient. Waters/Micromass QTOF-1 mass spectrometer with sample-injection loop. TeamHPC 20-node/80-CPU computing cluster with AMD Opteron processors, Gigabit ethernet and Infiniband interconnects, and 8-core head node with 4.5TB dedicated RAID storage. A number of workstations (SGI, Linux, Windows, Mac) located throughout the college supporting molecular modeling, spectral data handling and specialized data analysis applications. Such applications include Accelrys Insight-II/Discover, Schrodinger Macromodel, Gaussian90/Gaussview, Tripos Sybyl Suite, Pharsight WinNonlin, Aegis Technologies acslXtreme, Bruker-Biospin Xwin-NMR, Topspin and Amix, CambridgeSoft ChemBioDraw Ultra, among others.
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    College of Pharmacy
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