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High Field MRI Spectrometer and Imaging System

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    The AVANCE™500 (Bruker Co.) is an 11.7T vertical bore magnet that operates at 500 MHz and runs ParaVision 5.1 software. The system maintains ultra-shielding technology, which provides maximum field homogeneity, field stability and stray field reduction. The 8.9 cm diameter bore is best suited for whole-body mouse imaging. Equipped with three RF channels (proton NMR, deuterium and broadband) and preamplifiers, the AVANCE™500 has two sets of gradient coils, MicroMouse in vivo imaging probes, BioTrig monitoring units and an in vivo cardiac gating system. MRI applications include: 1) Skeletal and soft tissue abnormalities in embryonic and adult specimens 2) DCEMRI for tumor/tissue vascularization and permeability 3) In vivo spectroscopy to measure metabolites (1H, 31P) 4) Cardiac imaging for assessing cardiac function, ischemia and infarcts
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    Small Animal Imaging Core
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