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BioSpec 94/30 MRI System

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    The BioSpec 94/30USR (Bruker BioSpin Co.) Imaging System is a 9.4T horizontal bore magnet that operates at 400 MHz and runs ParaVision™ 6.0 software. This microMRI system is designed for high-resolution MR spectroscopy and imaging of in vivo or ex vivo specimens. The 30 cm diameter bore and extra-long table offers imaging capabilities of 1H, 13C, 19F, 23Na, 31P on mice, rats, small rabbits and ex vivo specimens. The BioSpec also includes a BioTrig monitoring unit and in vivo cardiac gating (SAII and IntraGate). MRI applications include: Skeletal and soft tissue abnormalities DCE-MRI for tumor/tissue vascularization and permeability In vivo spectroscopy to measure metabolites (e.g. 31P) In vivo localized spectroscopy to measure metabolites (1H) Cardiac imaging for assessing cardiac function, ischemia and infarcts (Cardio Package) T1, T2 and Diffusion maps Diffusion Tensor Imaging Others
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    9.4T horizontal bore magnet
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    Small Animal Imaging Core
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    Imaging technique
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    The Ohio State University Comprehensive Cancer Center Collection
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    Small Animal Imaging Core
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