Microscope - Confocal (Live-Cell Laser Scanning Confocal Microscope)

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Resource Type

  1. Inverted microscope


  1. Exchange facilitator
  2. Resource Description
    Nikon A1R Live-Cell Confocal Imaging system with auto-focus and Resonant Scanner for good resolution fast confocal imaging of living processes for real time imaging. Multi-Laser line and DIC imaging capability.
  3. Additional Name
    In vivio fluorescence imaging system
  4. Additional Name
  5. Additional Name
    Microscope - Confocal microscope (Laser scanning confocal microscope)
  6. Additional Name
    Microscope - Live Cell Imaging System
  7. Additional Name
    Microscope - Optical microscope (Inverted)
  8. Contact
    Campus Microscopy and Imaging Facility / Microscopy Shared Resource (CMIF/MSR) Requests
  9. Access Restriction(s)
    Access hours & Scheduling: Must schedule time in advance to use resource or with specific hours.
  10. Access Restriction(s)
    Cost: Access is available at a set cost to others.
  11. Access Restriction(s)
    Technical Assistance available: Staff available to help with instruments.
  12. Access Restriction(s)
    Training: Access first requires completing an online or in person course.
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  14. Part of Collection
    Office of Research Collection
  15. Location
    Campus Microscopy and Imaging Facility / Microscopy Shared Resource (CMIF/MSR)
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