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Microscope - Confocal Microscope (Multi Photon Microscope).

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  1. Confocal microscope


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  2. Resource Description
    Olympus Fv1000 Multi-Photon Microscope provides both live-cell confocal and live-cell Multi-Photon imaging. Multi-Photon Imaging causes significantly less tissue damage in living cells and can penetrate much deeper into tissues than traditional confocal imaging.
  3. Additional Name
    In vivo imaging system
  4. Additional Name
    Microscope - Confocal microscope (Laser scanning confocal microscope)
  5. Additional Name
    Microscope - Confocal microscope (Two-photon confocal)
  6. Additional Name
    Microscope - Multi-Photon Microscope
  7. Contact
    Campus Microscopy and Imaging Facility / Microscopy Shared Resource (CMIF/MSR) Requests
  8. Access Restriction(s)
    Access hours & Scheduling: Must schedule time in advance to use resource or with specific hours.
  9. Access Restriction(s)
    Cost: Access is available at a set cost to others.
  10. Access Restriction(s)
    Technical Assistance available: Staff available to help with instruments.
  11. Access Restriction(s)
    Training: Access first requires completing an online or in person course.
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  13. Part of Collection
    Office of Research Collection
  14. Part of Collection
    The Ohio State University Comprehensive Cancer Center Collection
  15. Part of Collection
    The Microscopy Shared Resource (MSR)
  16. Location
    Campus Microscopy and Imaging Facility / Microscopy Shared Resource (CMIF/MSR)
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