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Bruker Avance III HD Ascend 600 MHz

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    For citations please use this text: "Acknowledgement: This study made use of the Campus Chemical Instrument Center NMR facility at Ohio State University." This NMR is equipped with a 5 mm broadband (BBFO) “Smart” probe (ca. 700:1 proton signal/noise ratio and 400:1 carbon signal/noise ratio), a SampleCase capable of storing up to 24 samples at room temperature and automated loading of samples, and an Automated Tuning & Matching (ATM) module. Combined with its excellent line shape this probe facilitates superior single or multiple solvent suppression using presaturation or pulsed field gradients as required for samples from reaction control, biological samples and body fluids. This system is ideal for a wide range of applications from routine 1H NMR measurements on small molecules to advanced research applications including inverse experiments requiring excellent solvent suppression. The direct detection capability of the BBFO probe allows easy performance of many heteronuclei, including 19F and 31P experiments.
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    Tanya Whitmer
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    Office of Research Collection
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    Campus Chemical Instrument Center
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    Dr. Vicki Wysocki Ohio Eminent Scholar Collection
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    Campus Chemical Instrument Center Nuclear Magnetic Resonance (CCIC NMR)
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