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Bruker Avance III HD Ascend Narrow-Bore 800

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    For citations please use this text: "Acknowledgement: This study made use of the Campus Chemical Instrument Center NMR facility at Ohio State University." Bruker Avance III HD Ascend Narrow-Bore 800 MHz : This multi-purpose NMR instrument has wide range of solution and solid-state capabilities including: 4.0 mm gradient hr-MAS probe with proton, carbon, and nitrogen channels as well as a deuterium lock. This probe is ideal for studies of biological solids such as membrane proteins and tissue samples. 2.5 mm tri-gamma MAS probe, with a proton channel and interchangeable X & Y channels capable of studying a multitude of nuclei from nitrogen up to phosphorus. This probe is ideal for studies of solid inorganic materials and polymers. 5/10 mm Micro5 / Diff30 imaging and diffusion probe, coupled with 40 Amp triple-axis XYZ gradients, is capable of MRI studies of samples up to 10 mm in diameter. 5 mm QXI-F solution state room-temperature probe (ca. 1200:1 proton signal/noise). The unique fluorine channel makes this probe ideal for studying fluorine-fluorine and fluorine-proton interactions in soluble fluorinated materials. 5 mm TXI solution state room-temperature probe (ca. 2000:1 proton signal/noise). The high resolution of this system is ideal for a wide range of applications from routine 1H NMR characterization of small molecules to advanced research applications of complex mixtures (metabolomics) and biological studies of proteins and nucleic acids and their complexes. The long hold times of liquid helium (over 5 months) and liquid nitrogen (3 weeks) of this Ascend generation magnet reduces maintenance and down-time of the system.
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    Tanya Whitmer
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    Office of Research Collection
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    Campus Chemical Instrument Center
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    Dr. Vicki Wysocki Ohio Eminent Scholar Collection
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    Campus Chemical Instrument Center Nuclear Magnetic Resonance (CCIC NMR)
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