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    • Employing gamification for workforce development, including GCP training. • Creating mini-modules for key clinical translational topics. • Supporting and presenting at FDA Workshops. • Developing a catalogue of publically available clinical research training at OSU and NCH. • Connecting and collaborating with regional CRP workforce development initiatives. • Connecting and collaborating with CTSA hubs through workforce development virtual unmeetings. • Exploring innovative methods for training delivery such as virtual reality. • Exploring ePortfolios for CRP workforce development. • Leading activities of the DIAMOND Portal and sharing OSU/NCH trainings in DIAMOND. • Researching personalized pathways for CRPs. • Researching the CRP role of nurses. • Establishing a CRP Network for Listservs, Mentoring, and Leadership development. • Developing and launching a Competency-based Curriculum for CRP Onboarding. • Being a resource for collaborative CRP training. • Supporting research in CRP workforce development. • Supporting NLighten expansions and dissemination. • Serving leadership roles in the ACTS/NCATS Task Force CRP Workforce Development. • Studying assessments of CRP competence.
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    CCTS Center for Clinical and Translational Science (CCTS)
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    College of Medicine
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    Office of Research
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