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    ADVANCING THE PREVENTION, DETECTION, AND TREATMENT OF BRAIN INJURIES The brain is the body's most complex organ. It makes us who we are. It is critical to our abilities to speak, think, remember, interact, and move. The Ohio State University is advancing how we understand and approach brain injury as a chronic condition. Even mild brain injuries can have persistent, long-term effects that impact our future health and wellness. Understanding, detecting, treating, and preventing these effects is essential to solving the silent epidemic of traumatic – or rather, chronic – brain injury. To accelerate discovery, our scientists and clincians are forming interdisciplinary teams that are translating knowledge, partnering with industry and community organizations, and expanding capacity to implement practical solutions. Our researchers are: Deepening an understanding of how brain injuries result in visible and chronic conditions and higher risk for dementia and movement disorders. Studying the mechanisms of the immune system's response to neurotraumas that will inform pharamlogical, rehabilitative, and arts-based interventions. Developing new approaches to imaging, sensing, and clinical data analytics that better detect, monitor, and predict the trajectories of brain injuries.
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