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    The Biomedical Informatics Shared Resource (BISR) supports advanced biological and biomedical research conducted by Ohio State researchers by facilitating high-throughput, novel experiments that link multidimensional phenotypic and biomolecular data sets. It is critical to involve bioinformaticians at the very beginning of research projects. Collaborations with Biomedical Informatics Shared Resource (BISR) include assisting researchers with accessing publicly available data to generate new hypotheses and draw new conclusions via integrative analysis of both public and private data sources, customizing analysis workflows to meet the unique needs of research projects, interpreting and presenting results. Additionally, BISR collaboration focuses on manuscript preparation, as well as design and planning of grant applications.
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    Biomedical Informatics Shared Resources (BISR)
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    The Ohio State University Comprehensive Cancer Center Collection
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    College of Medicine
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