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ThermoFinnigan TSQ Quantiva

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  1. Mass spectrometer


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    ThermoFinnigan TSQ Quantiva: A triple-quadrupole mass spectrometer with ultra-high-sensitivity (APCI and heated ESI ionization probes) coupled with a Dionex RSLCnano system (with ternary loading pumps, quaternary nano-flow pumps, degasser, temperature-controlled autosampler and column compartment). This system also incorporates an Easy-Spray nano-flow electrospray ionization source to achieve the maximal sensitivity possible for accurate quantification of small molecules, peptides or other biomolecules in complex biological matrices or in small sample quantities.
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    Triple-quadrupole mass spectrometer
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    The Pharmacoanalytical Shared Resource
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    The Ohio State University Comprehensive Cancer Center Collection
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    The Pharmacoanalytical Shared Resource
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