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Sample Analysis for General Pharmaceutics/Pharmacology Experimentation

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    Once an analytical method is developed, compound quantitation can be achieved. Using validated method procedures, the PhASR processes and analyzes samples containing unknown concentrations of the compounds of interest. Samples may arise from biological matrices, such as plasma, urine or feces, or they may come from in vitro systems. The validity of results is ensured by the method validation process, processing quality control samples and standard samples – all processed and analyzed in parallel to the unknown samples. Once a run is complete, the PhASR reviews the data to validate the analytical run and ensure that quality control sample measurements fall within the allowed accuracy range and that the measured standard sample concentrations produce a linear range for quantitation.
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    The Pharmacoanalytical Shared Resource
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    The Pharmacoanalytical Shared Resource
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    The Ohio State University Comprehensive Cancer Center Collection
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