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Pharmacokinetic/Pharmacodynamic Data Analysis and Modeling

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    After samples have been analyzed, the PhASR can complete analyses of the data generated. Relevant PK/PD parameters and statistical considerations are defined during the experimental design process, and the data analysis follows the outlined plan. The PhASR staff are highly trained and experienced in PK/PD data analysis and modeling, which ranges from basic statistical comparisons to linear and non-linear, mixed-effects data modeling. The quantity and level of data analysis will differ for each project. Analyses could range from a simple comparison of drug concentrations between experimental and control samples sets to a more complex analysis requiring a population PK/PD model to be constructed, qualified and validated for predictive capabilities.
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    The Pharmacoanalytical Shared Resource
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    The Pharmacoanalytical Shared Resource
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    The Ohio State University Comprehensive Cancer Center Collection
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