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Thermo Scientific Exactive Plus Extended Mass Range (EMR) Orbitrap mass spectrometer

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  1. Tandem mass spectrometer


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    A benchtop Orbitrap instrument with extended mass range (EMR), which enables analysis of large molecules (m/z 350-20,000) with high mass accuracy and is equipped with a variable pressure higher-energy collision-induced dissociation (HCD) cell. This instrument has been modified to include a high-mass range quadrupole mass filter and a custom surface-induced dissociation (SID) device. The EMR is primarily used for analysis of proteins and protein complexes by both direct infusion and online non-denaturing separation techniques.
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    Laura VanArsdale
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    College of Arts and Sciences Collection
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    Wysocki Research Group Collection
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    Dr. Vicki Wysocki Ohio Eminent Scholar Collection
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    Native Mass Spectrometry Guided Structural Biology Collection
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    Wysocki Research Group
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