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Research Informatics is a group of highly trained software engineers, IT professionals, and biomedical informatics technicians that is a part of the Department of Biomedical Informatics (BMI). This team leverages the skills and tools that exist within OSU’s Department of BMI and OSUWMC’s Information Technology Department (OSUWMC-IT) in order to provide an informatics-based catalyst in support of novel, multi-disciplinary clinical and translational science endeavors.




  • Clinical Data for Research Request ( Support service )

    Research Informatics Services (RIS) facilitates secondary-use access to data housed in the OSU Wexner Medical Center's Electronic Health Record (i.e. IHIS) and Information Warehouse (IW), including clinical encounters, demographics, finance, procedures, medications, laboratory results, clinical reports, order entry, and radiology images.

    Researchers can use the OSU Honest Broker Protocol to access de-identified clinical data for non-FDA research without having to invest the significant time and effort necessary to craft a formalized protocol for Institutional Review Board (IRB) approval. Researchers with IRB approval can utilize identified data from the IW in their research.

    For more information email: CCTS-IWRequests@osumc.edu

  • IHIS for Research ( Support service )

    • Enable novel web applications that are directly embedded inside the EHR platform
    • Collaborate on prospective studies and grants to identify potential methods to leverage the EHR to collect data
    • Facilitate patient to subject recruitment services through the EHR
    • Design custom workflows, ensuring research compliance, data capture, and efficiency

  • Informatics Consultation/Project Planning ( Support service )

    For a consultation or project planning session, the Research Informatics Services (RIS) team will discuss the components you will need to provide good data management practices for your research study, often in collaboration with other institutional Cores and resources.

    RIS provides basic, clinical and translational investigators with tools for research collaboration, prospective data collection and storage, and retrospective data inquiries.

    From concept through publication, RIS can assist with research project execution by providing:

    1.Secure infrastructure for data collection, integration, storage, retrieval, backup and manipulation

    2.Consultation and analysis for project-specific informatics needs

    3.Assisting investigators in choosing and designing methodologies for capturing research data via computerized applications and databases

    4.Assisting investigators in choosing and using tools to enable remote collaboration and communication

    5.Systems and informatics training for researchers and staff

    6.Access to clinical/IHIS data for research use from the Information Warehouse

  • Research Data Capture and Access to EHR for Research ( Data storage service )

    • Design data capture forms and surveys for research studies using REDCap or Qualtrics
    • Facilitate research related access to data stored in OSUWMC electronic medical record system (IHIS) and Enterprise Data Warehouse system (IW)
    • Provide access to i2b2, the ACT Network, and PCORI for cohort discovery within OSU
    • Design research registries using Scarlet, a registry platform that combines data from EHR, REDCap, and other custom data sources

  • Research Data Capture Tools ( Support service )

    Research Informatics Services (RIS) provides consultation, support and training for the following research data collection activities and tools:

    Research Data Capture Consultation: Having trouble determining which tool to use for your specific data capture needs? Request a data capture consult.

    REDCap: REDCap is a secure web-based, electronic data capture tool for building and managing online surveys and databases. Also included are a built-in project calendar, scheduling module, randomization module, ad hoc reporting tools, and advanced features, such as branching logic, file uploading, and calculated fields. Training is offered through periodic seminars and individual training sessions.

    StudyTRAX: StudyTRAX is a secure, web-based electronic data capture tool that provides a customizable web interface, patient web portals and project website in an integrated application

  • Research Database Consultation ( Support service )

    Research Informatics Services (RIS) can assist with research project database needs, including general consultation, data persistence strategy, and computing/storage infrastructure planning.

  • Research Project Planning, Collaboration, and Database Consultation ( Support service )

    • Perform informatics requirements analysis and project planning consultations
    • Implement, support, and facilitate access to research networking tools, including content management systems, web portals, and team-science collaboration tools
    • Perform consultation on database design, optimization, and development
    • Facilitate the allocation of database computing and storage resources

  • Research Registry ( Data storage service )

    A Research Registry allows investigators to integrate disparate data sources such as IHIS and REDCap into a common data model (i.e. OMOP) enabling a streamlined mechanism for following consented research participants

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