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Applied Pathology Core


Anatomic pathology services include post mortem examinations performed on cases from the Ohio State University Veterinary Medical Center and on cases from referring veterinarians, a biopsy service limited to cases from the Veterinary Medical Center and a library which is responsible for distributing results, keeping records and microslides on autopsy/necropsy and biopsy cases, and providing pathology teaching materials to faculty and students.




  • Autopsy Service ( Material processing service )

    For Referring Veterinarians:

    Autopsy requests can be ordered through the Core One TraceFirst portal for those veterinary clinics who have already logged in with the password received from the Veterinary Medical Center. These requests will go directly through the Core One TraceFirst lab portal and be billed to the rDVM account who submitted the request. Owners should be billed accordingly by the rDVM.

    Access to autopsy request through the Core One portal is only available after initial log in. For instructions on how to log into the Core One laboratory information systems portal, please click here and refer to page 2. A user tutorial begins on page 3. If you have trouble with resetting your password or logging into the portal for the first time, please contact the referral coordinator, Steph Yochem, @ CVM-OSUVETReferralCoordinator@osu.edu or (614) 292-0950.

  • Surgical Biopsy Services ( Material processing service )

    The Anatomic Pathology Service offers specialized biopsy services noted below for veterinary practitioners. Biopsy submissions are otherwise limited to in-house submissions for patients of the Ohio State University Veterinary Medical System Veterinary Hospitals.
    Comparative Theriogenology & Reproductive Pathology Service; International Veterinary Renal Pathology Service (IVRPS); Dermatopathology Service

  • Veterinary Pathobiology Library ( Access service )

    Anatomic pathology services include a library, which is responsible for distributing results, keeping records and microslides on necropsy and biopsy cases and providing pathology teaching materials to faculty and students.

    Photocopies of requested reports will be provided rather than the originals.

    Microslides and 2x2's will be loaned for no longer than 4 weeks, unless some arrangement was made with the Library.

    Requests for borrowing Paraffin Embedded Tissue Blocks must be in writing using a form available from the Veterinary Pathology Library. Please contact the Pathology Library for further information.

    New materials will not be loaned until overdue materials have been returned.

    The library has surgical biopsy and necropsy records, histopathology slides, digital images, archived 2x2 slides, select journals and AFIP sets. Extensive searches can also be done on the library's database.

  • Virtual Microscopy ( Access service )

    Aperio scanning software for image acquisition at resolutions including 20X and 40X using the 120 autoloader capability that can scan in batches up to 120 slides. Each slide takes an average of five to twenty minutes; sometimes can take an hour depending on tissue size.

    Slides below 90% quality will be re-scanned manually up to three times to achieve the highest quality image possible. Common problems that cause lower quality scans are air bubbles, cracks in the slide glass, faint and/or scant tissue. Some slides that have these issues cannot be scanned, but these problems can be fixed by having a specimen re-cut, re-cover slipped, or re-stained.

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