Interventional Cardiology Cath Core Lab


The DHLRI Interventional Cath Core fosters the development of interventional devices, therapies, and techniques by providing a translational laboratory setting where basic research findings can be developed into clinically relevant treatments for cardiovascular diseases.
The Non-GLP core is set up to accomadate a wide variety of interventional cardiac procedures using large animal models. Minimally invasive chronic procedures are permitted in this space. Non-cardiac studies can also benefit from the use of fluoroscopic guidance allowing real time x-ray confirmation during procedures. Orthopaedic groups have found it useful for guiding injections into joints. The aide of a contrast agent make it possible for surgeons to look for leaks following procedures in the GI tract.

The core is equipped with an OEC 9800 mobile C-arm with cardiac package and digitally archived images.

Support equipment include an anesthesia machine, ventilator, basic monitoring equipment (ECG, pressue, pulse Ox), cautery, IV pump, and power injector.


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