Tissue Bank


The Tissue Bank (Biospecimen Repository) collects samples of tumors and normal tissue from dogs and cats, and stores these tissues under controlled conditions for future use by multiple investigators. The Tissue Bank at The Ohio State University was selected by the Canine Comparative Oncology Genomics Consortium (CCOGC) as one of three veterinary institutions nationwide to participate in populating the Pfizer-CCOGC multi-institutional Tissue Bank. this National Cancer Institute-sponsored endeavor emphasizes the importance of comparative oncology research. The Tissue Bank at The Ohio State University follows the guidelines established by the CCoGC for several specific types of tumors and similar established protocols for other tumors. Tissues are collected and archived only after receiving consent from the owners. This sample bank will serve as a tremendous resource with the ultimate goal fo developing new prevention and treatment strategies for dogs with a variety of illnesses.


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