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Zebrafish Genetics Core


The facility contains 1,300 tanks of various sizes, and areas for experimentation, food production, cleaning and storage. Aquaculture systems support rearing of zebrafish from fertilized embryos to adults. The facility currently houses numerous wildtype lines and dozens of mutant and transgenic lines. A separate system for the importation of zebrafish lines from universities worldwide is also located in the facility. All phases of zebrafish husbandry are carried out by Zebrafish facility staff and members of the Henion, Beattie and Jontes labs. NIH grant P30- NS045758 partially funded a major expansion of the facility.

The Zebrafish Genetics Core provides expertise and support for targeted gene disruption and subsequent generation of mutant zebrafish. The engineered Zn-finger nuclease approach is also amenable to other model systems. In addition, the Core provides services for BAC engineering leading to the production of transgenic zebrafish or for use in other model systems.


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