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Exploration of Novel Complex Materials


ENCOMM is an interdepartmental, intercollegiate and interdisciplinary center with the goal of nucleating and fostering collaborative teams in the area of materials research. This mission is carried out through three principle activities:

The hosting of a weekly internal seminar wherein faculty can speak to faculty about their current research with the goal of soliciting input and recruiting partners with complementary expertise
A seed funding program (closely allied with the CEM and IMR) to support these team-based research projects until they are competitive for external block funding. Support for open-access research infrastructure and technical support staff to bridge between the technical capabilities of individual research groups and facilitate the expansion of individuals and teams into new areas of research. These activities serve both to promote the most effective aspects of interdisciplinary science and to knit together the materials community across the Ohio State campus.





    • Physical Property Measurement System ( Instrument )

      Quantum Design cryogen-free Physical Property Measurement System with a maximum magnetic field of 14 T and a temperature range of 1.2 to 400 K.

    • SQUID magnetometer (in NSL) ( Instrument )

      Quantum Design MPMS SQUID magnetometer with a maximum field of 7 T and a temperature range of 1.9 to 400 K

    • X-ray diffractometer ( X-ray powder diffraction spectrometer )

      High-resolution triple-axis x-ray diffractometer for thin film characterization.

    Research Opportunities

    • Seed Grants for Materials Research ( Research Opportunity )

      ENCOMM provides fund for seed grants to OSU researchers to pursue new directions. The seed grants are expected to lead to creation of preliminary data and collaboration track record, which will be critical for winning external grants. The ENCOMM seed grants are part of the OSU Materials Research Seed Grants Program (MRSGP) which combines seed funds from CEM, ENCOMM, and IMR to increase the impact.

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