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ECE Microelectronics Cleanroom


Semiconductor Processing Cleanrooms for Microfabrication includes 4000 square feet of class 100 and 1000 areas with additional associated laboratory space. There are facilities to process and fabricate silicon integrated circuits and III-V devices, and this capability has been demonstrated by the implementation of circuits in a variety of technologies (MOS, bipolar, FETs, optoelectronics, and photovoltaics). The processing equipment include a Technics Planar Etch II Plasma Reactor for dielectric deposition, hydrogen processing, and etching; ICP/RIE and E-Beam Photolithography; CHA 4-Pocket electron beam evaporator; NRC filament evaporator; ellipsometer; DekTak profilomiter; Karl Suss MJB-3 mask aligner; Kasper and Cobilt aligners and associated photolithography equipment; annealing, oxidation and diffusion furnaces; a pulsed laser deposition facility; West Bond wire bonder; Kenworth probe station with Hewlett-Packard 4145; 4-point probe; wet chemical clean benches, etc. In addition to ECE faculty, staff and students, the facilities are available to researchers from Physics, Material Science, Chemical Engineering, Chemistry, Mechanical Engineering, Welding Engineering and from outside Ohio State University. Arrangements for access by non-ECE Department personnel can be made by contacting Cleanroom Manager James Jones.


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