Ohio Supercomputer Center


The Ohio Supercomputer Center empowers a wide array of groundbreaking innovation and economic development activities in the fields of bioscience, advanced materials, data exploitation and other areas of state focus by providing a powerful high performance computing, research and educational cyberinfrastructure for a diverse statewide/regional constituency.

The Ohio Supercomputer Center partners strategically with Ohio researchers — especially following the 2002 establishment of a focused research support program — in developing competitive, collaborative proposals to regional, national, and international funding organizations to solve some of the world's most challenging scientific and engineering problems.

The Ohio Supercomputer Center leads strategic research activities of vital interest to the State of Ohio, the nation and the world community, leveraging the exceptional skills and knowledge of an in-house research staff specializing in the fields of supercomputing, computational science, data management, biomedical applications and a host of emerging disciplines.


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