College of Nursing


The college offers outstanding preparation for leadership in the nursing profession at both undergraduate and graduate levels. The undergraduate program provides a strong academic and clinical background for entry into professional nursing, as well as leadership preparation at the baccalaureate level for those who are already registered nurses. The master's program is designed to prepare nurses for advanced practice roles as nurse practitioners, nurse midwives, clinical nurse specialists or administrators. A master's option is available to prepare clinical nurse leaders. Individuals with a baccalaureate or higher degree in another field can take advantage of the graduate entry option, which affords a streamlined approach to advanced nursing practice. The PhD program, which offers both post-master's and streamlined post-baccalaureate entry options, prepares nurse scientists and scholars who are skilled researchers and will advance the knowledge of the discipline. Finally, the college has recently introduced their newest program: the Doctor of Nursing Practice (DNP), an enhanced level of preparation for experienced nurses holding master's degrees.


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