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The Center for Nursing Research in the College of Nursing has two wet laboratories located on Newton Hall's lower level. The center also houses two wet laboratories which are staffed by a fulltime research specialist who is available to consult with faculty and students on laboratory methods and to assist with assays as needed. The laboratories are equipped with 3 refrigerated centrifuges, water baths, pH analyzers, microbalances, microscopes, a CO2 incubator and a level III biosafety cabinet for cell culture, an ultrapure water system, 4 refrigerators, one -20 freezer and three -80 freezers. Specialty equipment for analysis of nicotine metabolites includes a Hitachi Liquid Chromatography System with UV detector, a D-7500 Integrator and autosampler, and three Bedfont Mini-Smokerlyzer instruments for noninvasive monitoring of expired air CO than can be easily transported for analyses in outpatient settings.

Equipment for measurement of hormones, cytokines, immunoglobulins, and other bioactive peptides in blood, saliva, urine and cell culture fluids includes power sources for gel electrophoresis, a Gel-Logic Image System for viewing and quantifying band density on western blots and agarose gels, and two microplate readers for ELISA and other chromagen-based assays. Equipment for real-time PCR includes a PCR Workstation, a Nanodrop 2000, and an iCycler and CFX96 thermocycler which are interfaced with a dedicated desktop computer and software for data storage and analysis. Faculty and students also have access to a Meso-Scale Discovery Reader housed in the GCRC for analysis of up to nine different cytokines using a chemiluminescense platform.


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