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The Wilbur A. Gould Food Industries Center


The Wilbur A. Gould Food Industries Center (FIC) offers a wide variety of fee-based services for the food industry, entrepreneurs, and related institutions. Our expert faculty and skilled personnel work together to provide contract research, short courses, and other services. The FIC pilot plants are fully equipped for product and process development of dairy, beverage, fruits and vegetables, bakery, pasta, and more. All initial consultations are confidential and free.

For additional information, please visit our services page or contact the FIC's office at 614-292-7004 or osufic@osu.edu




Research Opportunities

  • Food Processing conditions ( Research Opportunity )

    Development of new food products, processes, ingredient formulation, etc. The development includes formulation for scale up, production at pilot plant level, and packaging.

  • New food product and new product development ( Research Opportunity )

    Food product research and new product development for the food industry and entrepreneurs

  • New ingredient formulations ( Research Opportunity )

    Bench work at laboratory label to identify ingredients for food formulation, development of processing conditions and establishing the scale-up steps from initial bench work to finished product.


  • Dairy processing ( Material processing service )

    Dairy Processing: fluid milk processing, ice cream, yogurt and cheese products, Microthermics, CIP test unit.

  • Food analysis ( Analysis service )

    CEM food analyzer that that provides food analyses reading within few minutes. This analysis is based on a rapid green chemistry process and could be used for all kinds of food products. No hazardous chemicals are used, and the samples cups and filters are disposable.

  • Food labeling ( Analysis service )

    Accurate and regulatory compliant nutrition facts labels are created using a database analysis and generate nutrition facts panel, Ingredient statement, and allergen declaration of food products.

  • Food pasteurization and sterilization ( Material processing service )

    Pasteurization and sterilization of food products including milk, juices, processed fruit and vegetable, canning, plastic flexible and rigid containers.

  • Food Processing ( Material processing service )

    Assists in developing new food products, processes, ingredient formulation, etc. Starting with only an idea, the research procedure includes the necessary steps for converting the original home made product into a formulation for scale up, production at pilot plant level, and packaging

  • Food Product development ( Material processing service )

    FIC is well equipped with over 20,000 square feet of food processing facilities and lab space to help develop product ideas. Our expert researchers can assist in all stages of product development from initial bench work to finished product and consumer acceptance.

  • Thermal processing ( Material processing service )

    Thermal Processing: thermal studies, fruit and vegetable canning, food beverages, blanching, juice extraction.

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