Trace Element Research Laboratory


The Trace Element Research Laboratory (TERL) has world-class capabilities for elemental chemical measurements for an incredibly wide variety of applications in earth, environmental, chemical, biological, medical and materials sciences. Superb expertise and state of the art inductively coupled plasma based optical emission and mass spectrometry instruments are available. Most of the elements in the periodic table (other than C, N, O, F and noble gas elements) can be measured at concentrations from major (%) to ultratrace (part per trillion). Measurements can be made on solution samples, solids following digestion or, using laser ablation sampling, directly on solids.

The TERL provides facilities and expertise to researchers, students and faculty throughout The Ohio State University in variety of ways. Properly trained researchers, students and faculty can use the facilities independently or in collaboration with our staff. On the other extreme, TERL staff discuss research or analyses problems of interest with faculty, students or clients, design the appropriate measurements, make the measurements and provide analysis results.

Our mission includes teaching of the fundamental concepts and practical measurement techniques through traditional courses, short courses and one-on-one sessions. The TERL encourages faculty to use the facilities and staff expertise in their teaching activities.

We also provide services and expertise to other Universities, government organizations, individuals and industry at rates on a par with commercial laboratories with a special emphasis on unique method development and problem solving.


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