Flavor Research and Education Center


The Flavor Research and Education Center (FREC) is committed to the advancement of analytical methods that improve our understanding of the compounds and mechanisms that contribute to flavor perception. FREC members discover novel and impactful flavor compounds through the use of our state-of-the-art instrumentation and comprehensive analytical approaches. The multimodal and complex nature of flavor perception requires a breadth of analytical techniques. Our targeted and untargeted methods are complementary, which enhances the identification of new compounds and the primary drivers of perception - aroma, taste, chemesthetics, and mouthfeel. While targeted methods systematically break food into its individual components, untargeted methods utilize a system’s entire chemical composition to identify important differences in food. The versatility of the Center's analytical platform enables the discovery of novel flavor information by effectively profiling, identifying, and characterizing flavor differences.

Across our research portfolio, we combine advanced instrumentation, expertise, and creativity to analytically characterize flavor in order to better understand what drives flavor perception and ultimately food choice. We have built a holistic analytical platform to identify what compounds contribute to the flavor of food. The breadth and versatility of our instrumentation platform provide us with the ability to investigate and address unique and challenging aspects of flavor, and thus develop solutions spanning raw ingredients to finished products.




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