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State Climate Office of Ohio


Introducing the State Climate Office of Ohio (SCOO)

Accessing accurate climate information, education, and interpretation is critical for policy makers and all sectors of Ohio’s economy and will enhance the quality of life, health, food and water security, and economic prosperity of all Ohioans. The State Climate Office of Ohio (SCOO) is a new team based at The Ohio State University (OSU) that connects Ohioans with transformative climate information.

The SCOO Prospectus

SCOO embodies four core mission activities focused on connecting people and climate: Communication, Information Services, Education & Outreach, and Research. We have already forged many partnerships that should yield positive impacts with regard to climate-related engagement and communication, including connections with OSU Extension in the College of Food, Agriculture, and Environmental Science (CFAES) and its associated instrumental observation network, the Ohio Agricultural Research and Development Center (OARDC) Weather Network; the Ohio Emergency Management Agency (OEMA); and the Midwest Regional Climate Center (MRCC).

Key climate-related questions require engagement of experts from many disciplines, sectors (energy, security, food, health), and institutions, underlain and sustained by transformative data stewardship that facilitates a climate aware and resilient society. How will Ohio adapt and build resilience to a warmer world? What will be the imprint of climate variability on our economy, food security, natural resources, energy infrastructure, health and well-being? What are the chances and potential manifestations of extreme floods and droughts? How can Ohioans build resilience to actual and future climate disruptions?





    • Data Collection and Analysis ( Data analysis service )

      The State Climate Office of Ohio is a collaborative venture of the Byrd Center, OSU Geography Department, and OSU Extension. The team installs and maintains instrumentation on campus and around the state. Using the data collected, other data repositories, and peer-reviewed publications, the team provides data analysis and climate services to individuals, organizations, agencies, and businesses across the state. The team presents information publicly in all corners of Ohio and answers all information requests received, but most of the team's work is supported by project grants. The team's website is located at climate.osu.edu.

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