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Global Arts and Humanities


The Global Arts + Humanities Discovery Theme is the gateway to integrated arts and humanities at The Ohio State University. Global Arts + Humanities facilitates, supports, and leads innovative trans-institutional collaborations and cross-disciplinary research, experiential learning, and community partnerships that enhance the university’s capacity to foster cultural understanding and advance social change.




    Research Opportunities

    • Global Arts & Humanities' Faculty Fellows ( Research Opportunity )

      The Global Arts + Humanities Society of Fellows brings Ohio State faculty from across the disciplines together to share research around an annual cross-disciplinary theme. These fellowships are designed to provide faculty with release time to focus on their scholarly and artistic work, as well as with opportunities to engage with other Ohio State faculty, students and local Columbus community organizations. In addition to participating in a biweekly seminar, fellows co-organize a culminating year-end event to share their work.

    • Global Arts and Humanities' General and Special Initiatives Grants ( Research Opportunity )

      Global Arts + Humanities facilitates cross-disciplinary collaboration in the arts and humanities by providing support in the form of research and creative practice grants; special funding initiatives; faculty, graduate and postdoctoral research fellowships; and experiential teaching and learning grants. New grants can become available throughout the year based on current events or other special initiatives. Please check the link below to see current grant offerings.

    • Global Arts and Humanities' Graduate Small Research Grants ( Research Opportunity )

      This small grants program is designed to enhance opportunities for graduate students (PhD and MFA) in the arts and humanities to advance their research and/or creative practice fostering cross-disciplinary inquiry in alignment with GAHDT’s Society of Fellows and its annual theme.

      Global Arts and Humanities' awards small research grants annually to graduate students. Grants will total $2,500 and must be expended between October 1, 2020 and December 31, 2021. Grants can be rescinded if all program obligations are not met.

    • Global Arts and Humanities' Graduate Team Fellows Program ( Research Opportunity )

      This program aims to advance cross-disciplinary, team-based research cultures by brokering collaboration and facilitating the sharing of conceptual frameworks and disciplinary alignments. Not only will this experience build tolerances for varying academic perspectives, it also fosters in graduate students a receptivity towards network-based insight building. Our fellowship thus encourages agility in methods and modes, creativity of mind and practice, and intellectual grit.

    • Global Arts and Humanities’ Society of Undergraduate Fellows ( Research Opportunity )

      Global Arts + Humanities’ Society of Undergraduate Fellows is a competitive research program that provides 8-10 upper-level undergraduates the opportunity to be mentored through multidisciplinary approaches to the study of an annual theme, to build an intellectual cohort around the theme, and to produce research/creative responses to inquiries impelled by these engagements.

      The theme for the 2020-21 academic year is Human Rights: Pasts and Futures. Fellows will have the opportunity to learn about the human rights movement, the relationship between human rights law and culture, and creative forms of human rights representation and resistance.

      The fellowship carries with it a stipend of $2,000. To be eligible, students must hold junior or senior status and have a minimum GPA of 3.0.

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