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Comparative Pathology & Digital Pathology Shared Resource


The Comparative Pathology & Digital Imaging Shared Resource (CPDISR) provides expert, readily available and affordable experimental pathology support to investigators conducting research for understanding the development and treatment of cancer using preclinical animal models and/or human tissues procured for translational research. Comparative pathologists affiliated with the CPDISR are familiar with normal anatomy
and physiology, and pathology of many animal species, including the potential impact of confounding factors such as age- and strain-related background lesions, pathogens, and husbandry practices on study outcomes. Recognition of lesions and their interpretation in the context of individual investigations provides a critical component to research incorporating animal models.

The CPDISR provides support for preclinical efficacy and toxicity animal studies as well as translational studies that utilize human tissues procured for research, and can tailor its support to the needs of a client. Comprehensive services provided by the CPDISR include: animal blood and other biofluid analyses; macroscopic and microscopic examinations of full tissue sets from various species of laboratory animals; comprehensive histology services on paraffin-embedded and frozen tissues, encompassing special histochemical stains and immunohistochemical stains optimized for animal and human tissues; preparation of tissue microarrays and grids for transmission electron microscopy; slide digitization and quantitative image analysis; and hands-on training and consultation.

The CPDISR also provides a referral service with expertise in animal model development, experimental design, optimal sample collection, data analysis and interpretation, and grant/publication preparation.




    Resource Collection

    • The Ohio State University Comprehensive Cancer Center Collection ( Resource Collection )

      The OSUCCC – James Shared Resources and core facilities provide specialized services to cancer researchers. They offer cost-effective, state-of-the-art technology and instrumentation; expert guidance and training; and clinical, administrative and technical support.


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