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    The Ohio State University’s research and creative expression community is committed to defining and addressing the world’s most pressing challenges though the creation and dissemination of new knowledge. The Office of Research supports, advances and safeguards these research, scholarly and creative pursuits conducted by our faculty, staff and students. We also provide strategic direction and a unified voice for Ohio State’s research interests locally, nationally and internationally.
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    Office of Research Contact
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    CCTS Center for Clinical and Translational Science (CCTS)
  6. Secondary affiliation
    University Laboratory Animal Resources
  7. Secondary affiliation
    Campus Chemical Instrument Center (CCIC)
  8. Secondary affiliation
    Campus Microscopy and Imaging Facility / Microscopy Shared Resource (CMIF/MSR)
  9. Secondary affiliation
    Center for Emergent Materials
  10. Secondary affiliation
    Institute for Materials Research
  11. Secondary affiliation
    Byrd Polar and Climate Research Center
  12. Secondary affiliation
    Center for RNA Biology
  13. Secondary affiliation
    Translational Data Analytics Institute
  14. Secondary affiliation
    Institute for Optical Science
  15. Secondary affiliation
    Chronic Brain Injury Program (Discovery Themes)
  16. Secondary affiliation
    Stone Laboratory
  17. Secondary affiliation
    Foods for Health Discovery Themes
  18. Secondary affiliation
    STEAM Factory
  19. Secondary affiliation
    Institute for Cybersecurity and Digital Trust
  20. Secondary affiliation
    Infectious Diseases Institute
  21. Secondary affiliation
    Global Arts and Humanities
  22. Secondary affiliation
    The Environmental and Social Sustainability (ESS) Lab
  23. Secondary affiliation
    Native Mass Spectrometry Guided Structural Biology
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