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UPLC/MS platform

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  1. Liquid chromatography mass spectrometry platform


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    Our modern LC-MS platform delivers accurate analysis with high reproducibility. Our LC systems coupled with the most advanced MS detectors provide high-quality analysis, separation, and compound identification for all types of food samples. Liquid chromatography/mass spectrometry (LC/MS): triple quadrupole, and quadrupole-time of flight (Q-ToF), mass spectrometers for quantification, and structural elucidation. High-quality sample preparation with Hamilton automated robot to increase throughput and enhancing laboratory efficiencies. UPLC/MS-QToF Agilent 6546 UPLC/MS-QToF Agilent 6545 UPLC/MS-TQ-XS Xevo Waters UPLC/MS-TQ-S Xevo Waters UPLC/MS-QToF Xevo G2 Waters Hamilton Microlab® Star Automation Robot
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    UPLC/MS platform
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    Edisson Tello Camacho
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    Office of Research Collection
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    Flavor Research and Education Center
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