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    Comparative and Translational Medicine The goal of the Comparative and Translational Medicine (CTM) program is to leverage natural diseases in animals to create an integrated platform for collaborative research, therapeutic interrogation, cross discipline training and outreach across OSU, NCH and its partners. The program supports interactive, multi-disciplinary research via several initiatives. With the overriding goal of advancing the diagnosis and treatment of diseases in veterinary patients while enhancing the health of humans through comparative and translational studies. CTM initiatives include: Nodes of Comparative Medicine The nodes of comparative medicine consist of organized teams of researchers and clinicians focusing on specific health areas of high translational potential. Node leaders work to connect researchers and veterinary clinician-scientists to facilitate veterinary clinical trials on the translational spectrum. • Infectious Disease (Michael Oglesbee/Oglesbee.1@osu.edu) • Comparative Oncology (Joelle Fenger/Fenger.3@osu.edu) • Renal Disease and Pathology (Rachel Cianciolo/Cianciolo.14@osu.edu) • Neuromusculoskeletal Disease (Sarah Moore/Moore.2204@osu.edu) Translational Therapeutics Think Tank (T4) The mission of the Translational Therapeutics Think Tank (T4) is to provide consultation and guidance for investigators working in novel drug/device discovery and development within the OSU and NCH communities. Investigators can request a meeting with a panel of content experts customized to their specific research-related questions by visiting go.osu.edu/ccts-t4. The Blue Buffalo Veterinary Clinical Trials Office and the Biospecimen Repository The BBVCTO has a mission to advance the diagnosis and treatment of disease in veterinary patients through interdisciplinary collaborative research efforts within the CVM, OSU and NCH communities while improving the health of humans through comparative research efforts. The BBVCTO is available to: • Assist with protocol development • Interface with industry sponsors • Confirm compliance with appropriate approvals • Formulate and review study budgets • Conduct studies according to GCP guidelines • Generate CRF’s and data capture/REDCap • QA/QC Data • Recruit patients through various marketing tools • Oversee and assist with clinical trial performance • Provide study financial management • Collect, process, and store study samples • Biospecimen sample requests are available at: eramp.osumc.edu
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    CCTS Center for Clinical and Translational Science (CCTS)
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    College of Medicine
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    Office of Research
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