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LC-Preparative platform

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  1. Liquid chromatography mass spectrometry platform


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    Multiple prep-LC instrumentation together with customized fractionation methods enable fast and reproducible multi-dimensional liquid chromatography for the isolation and purification of taste active and flavor modulating compounds needed for identification (NMR) and quantification. • Liquid chromatography/mass spectrometry (LC/MS): single quadrupole and triple quadrupole mass spectrometers for chromatographic isolation and identification. Prep LC/MS-TQD Waters Prep LC/MS-QuattroMicro API Waters Prep LC/MS-Micromass ZQ Waters Semi Prep LC/MS QuattroMicro Waters
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    LC-Preparative platform
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    Edisson Tello Camacho
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    Office of Research Collection
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    Flavor Research and Education Center
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