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    A FUTURE OF PERSONALIZED NUTRITION FOR GLOBAL OPTIMAL HEALTH Many costly and preventable chronic conditions — diabetes, heart disease, hypertension, dementia and certain cancers— are heavily influenced by our diets. The mission of the Foods for Health Discovery Theme is to promote optimal health for individuals and communities through the application of scientific approaches across the food-nutrition-health continuum. Metabolomics is one such innovative scientific approach that allows us to think about important research questions in a novel and powerful way. Our goal is to rise to eminence in this field by establishing research, teaching and outreach excellence. Integrating multiple -omics technologies and capitalizing on the 'Omics Revolution' will allow us to better understand an individual's unique disease and determine what foods and nutrients can best be tailored to maintain their overall health and well-being. Metabolomics also can provide us with valuable information on the effects that food preparation and processing can have on the nutritional quality of the foods we consume. The grand objective in the utilization of these technologies is a future of personalized nutrition for global optimal health. With all seven Health Sciences Colleges and a top-ranked academic Medical Center and Comprehensive Cancer Center as well as Colleges of Food, Agricultural & Environmental Sciences, Education & Human Ecology and Arts & Sciences all co-located on one campus, Ohio State is well-poised to collaboratively address the complexities of food and nutritional problems in ways that enable personalized prevention and medical care, dietary recommendations, and food-based interventions to improve health and prevent disease. By connecting our faculty expertise and students to state-of-the-art technology and public-private partnerships, our interdisciplinary teams are making discoveries in food and nutritional metabolomics for health. Unprecedented insights in individual biochemical variability provide the foundation across diverse disciplines for: Developing and using state-of-the-art analytical and informatics technologies to comprehensively identify and profile metabolites of nutrients and other bioactive food compounds in foods and biological samples. Integrating -omics data sets to correlate unique features of an individual's metabolic profile to thier unique characteristics. Discovering new biomarkers that define subtypes associated with wellness and disease. Understand the effects that food preparation and processing can have on the nutritional quality of the foods we consume. Developing personalized food and nutritional interventions to improve health. Building a broad-reaching 'crops-to-clinic-to-consumer' network. Committed to creating a healthier future for individuals and populations, our teams are leading new scientific approaches that integrate foods and nutrition, -omics, and health.
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