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    The OSUCCC – James Shared Resources and core facilities provide specialized services to cancer researchers. They offer cost-effective, state-of-the-art technology and instrumentation; expert guidance and training; and clinical, administrative and technical support.
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    Faith Kline
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  4. Funded by
    The Ohio State University Comprehensive Cancer Center
  5. Developed by
    The Ohio State University Comprehensive Cancer Center
  6. Developed by
    Small Animal Imaging Core
  7. Developed by
    Flow Cytometry Shared Resource
  8. Developed by
    Leukemia Tissue Bank
  9. Developed by
    Biomedical Informatics Shared Resource
  10. Developed by
    Biospecimen Services Shared Resource
  11. Developed by
    Genetically Engineered Mouse Modeling Core
  12. Developed by
    Genomics Shared Resource
  13. Developed by
    Nutrient and Phytochemical Analytics Shared Resource
  14. Developed by
    The Pharmacoanalytical Shared Resource
  15. Developed by
    Target Validation Shared Resource
  16. Developed by
    Center for Biostatistics
  17. Developed by
    Recruitment, Intervention and Survey Shared Resource
  18. Developed by
    The Microscopy Shared Resource (MSR)
  19. Developed by
    The CCC Proteomics Shared Resource (PSR)
  20. Developed by
    The Genome Editing Shared Resource (GEdSR)
  21. Developed by
    Comparative Pathology & Digital Pathology Shared Resource
  22. Developed by
    Clinical Trials Processing Laboratory
  23. Developed by
    Veterinary Biospecimen Repository
  24. Developed by
    Clinical Translational Science Shared Resource
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