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    Under the direction of Vicki Wysocki, Professor of Chemistry and Biochemistry, Ohio Eminent Scholar, Director of the Campus Chemical Instrument Center, and Director of the NIH-funded Resource for Native Mass Spectrometry Guided Structural Biology, the Wysocki group includes graduate and undergraduate students, postdoctoral researchers and research staff,. Research in the Wysocki group is categorized into four broad areas: (1) development and implementation of surface-induced dissociation onto commercial time-of-flight, Orbitrap and FT-ICR instruments, (2) development and application of native mass spectrometry-guided structural biology approaches, (3) multi-omics approaches to biomarker discovery, disease diagnosis and prognosis using proteomics and metabolomics methods coupled with genomics and transcriptomics, and (4) determination of peptide and other fragment ion structures by IR action spectroscopy.
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    Laura VanArsdale
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    College of Arts and Sciences
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    Campus Chemical Instrument Center (CCIC)
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    Vicki Wysocki
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    Native Mass Spectrometry Guided Structural Biology
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