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Protein Sample Preparation

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    Protein Sample Preparation: The PSR accepts cell pellets, tissue, and biological fluids for proteomic analysis, offering all the protein extraction services to properly prepare samples for downstream analysis. This includes: Cell lysis (whole cell or specific cellular) Protein precipitation (TCA and/or chloroform precipitation) Protein/peptide quantitation using standard Bradford, fluorescence assays and NanoDrop Protein cleanup (ziptip desalting) S-trap digestion for proteins in high concentration of SDS or Urea. Protein complex mixture separation by 1D SDS-PAGE (separate complex protein mixture by molecular weight) and commassie blue staining Peptide enrichment such as phosphopeptide enrichment Protein depletion to remove abundant proteins in certain samples such as serum
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    Liwen Zhang
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    The CCC Proteomics Shared Resource (PSR)
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    Campus Chemical Instrument Center
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    The Ohio State University Comprehensive Cancer Center Collection
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    Dr. Vicki Wysocki Ohio Eminent Scholar Collection
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