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Molecular Weight Measurement and Tandem MS Analysis

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    Molecular Weight Measurement and Tandem MS Analysis: The PSR provides both accurate and nominal molecular weight measurements using both electrospray and MALDI. ESI is used to protonate/deprotonate small molecules, peptides and small intact proteins to determine their molecular weights. MALDI-TOF(TOF) analysis is available for small peptides and for the MS analysis of intact proteins, lipids, small DNA fragments and synthetic polymers. Nominal Mass Measurement: A simple molecular weight analysis can determine the presence or absence, purity, relative concentration and molecular weight of a compound. The MS&P can measure molecular weights as low as 50 Da and as high as 150,000 Da (and higher, but no one has submitted anything bigger). ESI, EI and MALDI can all be used for this type of sample. Polymers, peptides, proteins and oligonucleotides are typically analyzed by simple molecular weight analysis. Most of our instruments are high resolution, so isotope information is still available with the simple molecular weight analysis. Accurate Mass Measurement: Accurate mass is used to determine the molecular weight and chemical composition of a sample to within 2 ppm or, in other words, accurate to the third decimal point for most of the peptides studied. It is used to verify a predicted molecular formula of a pure compound (required by most of the scientific journals). Tandem MS analysis: Tandem MS analysis is routinely used to provide fragmentation information to decode the structure of small molecules and sequential information for peptides and proteins Intact MS determination and top down.
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    Liwen Zhang
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    The CCC Proteomics Shared Resource (PSR)
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    Campus Chemical Instrument Center
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    The Ohio State University Comprehensive Cancer Center Collection
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