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Data Quantitation and Visualization for Quantitative Proteomics, and Untargeted Lipidomics and Metabolomics

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    Data Quantitation and Visualization – PSR can provide both typical and specialized data analysis methods for quantitative proteomics, and untargeted lipidomics and metabolomics. Services for quantitative proteomics include data manipulation and pre-processing (QC/QA with missing value assessment, clustering, filtering, etc), differential expression analysis, statistical analysis, pathway analysis (Gene Ontology, KEGG, IPA, etc), and data visualization with plots generated in R. Services for untargeted metabolomics and lipidomics include pre-data processing (missing value imputation, normalization, ect…), mass annotation, univariate statistical analysis, supervised and unsupervised multivariate statistical analysis, and pathway analysis.
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    Liwen Zhang
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    The CCC Proteomics Shared Resource (PSR)
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    The Ohio State University Comprehensive Cancer Center Collection
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